Book Online

Please book prior to sending your marketing live to ensure availability of an appropriate time. If your preferred time is unavailable we will advise alternate times available. Once confirmed on our end via return email, your auction will be booked in. Billing will be upon successful sale prior, conduct of the auction or withdrawal/cancellation, whichever comes first. 

Terms & Conditions: Once your auction is confirmed via return email you acknowledge that a booking fee will be payable upon completion of the auction or advice from you that the property was sold prior or withdrawn. The booking may be cancelled or rescheduled within 72hrs of making the booking at no cost. Cancelations more than 72hrs after making the booking will incur the booking fee. Note: If the booking is made less than 21 days prior to the scheduled auction date, any cancellation after booking confirmation will incur the booking fee and the 72hr cancellation window does now apply.