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Clarence White at Sydney Auction Rooms in Double Bay
Sydney Auction Rooms in Double Bay


Clarence White offers in-room real estate auctions at Sydney Auction Rooms in Double Bay, in-office at your business or at a venue of your choosing by arrangement. The power of in-room auctions is in allowing buyers to see other buyers buying property and witness other properties being sold at auction. The excitement and energy in the room forms a sort of "social proof" which creates a comfortable and encouraging environment giving buyers confidence to engage in the bidding and buying process. This very often results in a superior result for the seller. In-room auctions are ideal for real estate businesses seeking to showcase their brand exclusively by bringing buyers to an event just for their agency. In-room auctions also create scale and efficiency for real estate professionals by freeing up their Saturday time for open homes and allowing them to conduct a volume of auctions in timely and compact manner.

To have a confidential discussion about in-room auctions, contact Clarence today.

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