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Online Auctions with Clarence White
Clarence White calls online auction via Zoom



Clarence White offers online real estate auctions utilising a variety of digital bidding platforms available at client request. Access is available to all major online providers including Auctions Live, Realtair, Gavl and Zoom. For online-only auctions our preferred online auction platform is Zoom as this platform offers two-way video interactivity allowing bidders, agents and auctioneer to all see each other and to interact face-to-face, exactly as they would at an on-site or in-room auction. We believe this provides the most transparent and effective environment for conducting online auctions. Our technology set-up utilises green screen technology to create a digital environment that is attractive and sophisticated and showcases the property in the most outstanding way. We are also happy to conduct online auctions utilising any of a number of other online bidding platforms upon request. We are experienced at using all the main platforms currently available in the marketplace. 

To book an online auction please visit our BOOK ONLINE page or contact us today.

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