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What is the best day and time for my auction?

We find there are some very common misconceptions amongst the selling public about what are the best times and days at which to schedule a residential real estate auction in Australia. Most vendors tend to think in very narrow terms about when they want their auction scheduled, but the truth is that auctions on a variety of different days and at a variety of different times all have relatively similar success rates. In fact some of the days and times that you may not expect to be the best actually have the strongest results metrics. So for the savvy vendor, it pays to think outside the square a little.

Menck White Auctioneers tracked all our auction success metrics by day and by timeslot throughout 2021 and we are delighted to be able to share the results with you now.

In this video award winning auctioneer Clarence White of Menck White Auctioneers shares facts, figures and statistics illustrating the success metrics of auctions across a variety of different days and times. This video will arm you with the key data to make an informed decision about when to schedule your residential real estate auction.


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